Let's help Liam make the impossible happen to meet Matt Smith


Here is a story about a boy named Liam. I’m hoping the fandom could help this mother out by sharing this story. :)

Just on a whim I thought I would set up this page in hope that all of you can help my son meet his idol.

How excited we were when we heard Matt Smith was coming to Melbourne Australia, I couldn’t not try to make the impossible happen.

I have a brilliant 7 year old son. He, like his mother is a fan of all things doctor who. As many other people in this world Doctor Who is my sons idol. More so than others.

My son has had a difficult life, not able to keep up with other kids due to motor skill issues and with having selective mutisum as a youngster. He wouldn’t talk to anyone but his sister and us his parents and only at home. He spent a lonely time at kinder not able to get over the extreme anxiety to mingle with the other children.

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the eleventh hour is over now….

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Doctor Who has been the most brilliant experience for me as an actor and a bloke, and that largely is down to the cast, crew and fans of the show - matt smith

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Happy 50th anniversary guys

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We’ll go to the supermarket every night, get a sandwich, and trot home to learn lines. Sometimes we’ll phone each other and say: ‘How’s it going? Really badly? Me too. Do you want to come over and practice?

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